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Friday, April 21, 2017
Reflections from the Governor
“I believe that the Governor Job is important to the running of the lodge. He is like a cruise director, a master of ceremonies, and a problem solver all in one. He is also a referee, a greeter, and an HR specialist at times. All problems large and small go directly to the governor before being handled personally or by delegation.”

Finding a new Governor is not always easy

“I would say that being Governor is like taking ownership of the lodge for a year. You donate your time and energy towards making the lodge a place that you would want to go to, a fun place for your friends and family. A governor becomes invested in the success of the lodge, through retaining and expanding membership, and through charity to Moose programs and the local community. I am quite proud of all that we have accomplished this year and I thank everyone who helped along the way. Many potential candidates have expressed to me that they would possibly consider the position if they did not have to work in the kitchen.”

Members from both the LOOM and WOTM have already addressed this issue and have committed to offering new menus for upcoming months to take this burden off a new Governor.

Focusing on the new Moose year

“I would like to help with a fundraiser to replace the ailing a/c in the social quarters and upgrade the collection of old fridges and freezers in the storage room to a modern unit like the kitchen fridge.”

One final thought

“Several of our members have told me that during some of the toughest times in their lives the Moose lodge has always provided them support and friendship. This is “who we are and what Moose do!” I am proud to call you my “friends” Thank you all for your help. “

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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Administrator's Message
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From the Administrator:

We are still looking for members who would like to join the Board of Officers. The offices include Governor, Junior Governor, and Prelate. If any active member wishes to run for office you must complete an Intent Form available in the office.

Again, please keep your address and phone number current. Paying dues online is the fastest and easiest way. The office will help you in paying your dues.

Richard Robert, Administrator
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