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Friday, March 2, 2018
Growing the Moose fraternity
Continued growth is not an option,
it’s a necessity.


What do you think would happen to our children Mooseheart and our seniors at Moosehaven if we were not able to contribute to their growth and well-being?

That’s a hard thing to fathom, but without continued growth in our membership it is something that could very well happen one day.

So, how does this impact you? It is simple.

We need your help in growing our membership throughout the Moose fraternity.
That includes both the men of the Loyal Order of Moose, and the Women of the Moose.

Without continued growth we cannot continue the programs that provide children a safe place to live, learn and grow to be successful individuals in the future.

In addition, it means our members who have supported the Moose fraternity throughout the years would not have a place that offers a “comfortable and secure retirement option” and care for the remainder of their lives.

And let’s not forget the individuals in our own community who need our support.
Without continued support what would happen to all the charities and individuals we cherish so much?

It all comes down to one thing. We have to continue to grow our membership with individuals who have the same passion and drive as we all have to ensure that these programs continue.

Imagine what our Lodge and Chapter would look like if everyone were to sponsor just one member between now and the end of our Moose year April 30, 2018.
And then, with every passing year, our members continued to follow in our footsteps by sponsoring just one more new member.

In no time at all our Lodge and Chapter would be full of new brothers and sisters who will carry on the traditions of our fraternity and ensure that Mooseheart, Moosehaven and our own community will prosper well into the future.
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